Aquathor AS is established with the purpose to sell and transport natural pure water from Norwegian glaciers to a range of different geographical areas such as Northern Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

We shall be offering recurring transportation & shuttle solutions, as well as meeting unexpected emergency demands.


"Our mission is to deliver natural pure water in large volumes, adapted to the customers needs."

- Pål Jacob Jacobsen, Co-Founder OF Aquathor


Droughts and water scarcity

Uneven distribution of our most valuable utility has turned Clean Water into an extremely scarce resource in many regions of the world.

Aquathor wishes to adjust this imbalance - We can shuttle top quality drinking water from abundant sources to bottling factories and public utilities in need of steady supply or to crisis zones on an occasional basis.


The best water is in the mountains

Aquathor has large ressources of pure water in the Norwegian mountains. The water is sustainable and not needed for any local consumption.

Available in protected dams


Natural & pure mountain water

We are working with the best obtainable water souces in order to offer steady supply of prime quality water for drinking purposes.

Independent laboratory analyses and Microbiological testing shows that our mountain water has the lowest total dissolved solids (TDS*) ever recorded for a natural unprocessed water.


Competent transporters for trustworthy deliveries

We have robust international shipping expertise and access to a wide network of renowned transporters to guarantee that our high-quality water reaches you when you need it.


Flexible and adjustable transport

Aquathor can provide customers with steady shipments of water, or one-off deliveries in case of extreme pressure on the reserves.

It can be transported in large volumes to the Middle East, North Africa, and southern Europe.

The cold water (4C) is stored in large protected dams and a cargo ship can be loaded with 1500M3 per hour.

“The Environmental Problems Begin Early On, With The Way The Water Is Sourced. The Bulk Of Water Worldwide Is Drawn From The Subterranean Water Reserves Of Aquifers And Springs, Many Of Which Feed Rivers And Lakes. Tapping Such Reserves Can Aggravate Drought Conditions.” - World Economic Forum 2015


Aquathor and UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our water is coming from mountains and glaciers and not tapping any resources

Our water is today running into the sea and we are not diverting the rivers from ecosystem services like recharging wetlands or sustaining biodiversity

Our water is not depleting municipal sources

Our water is transported in bulk by modern fuel-efficient stainless steel tankers to water works or bottling factories close to markets

Our water helps in creating climate resilience against drought and water shortages



05.02.19 Tafjord-vatn til tørkeråka - article in Sunnmørsposten - read in Norwegian here and in English here.


Please feel free to contact Mr. Pål Jacob Jacobsen for further information. or + 32 4 76 34 94 93